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Food and Animal Nutrition – Sabará Participações

Food and Animal Health


The Brazil Nut is a fruit from the Amazon region, an ingredient of traditional dishes, especially in the north of the country. Besides its flavor, the nut is rich in fatty acids, vitamins, proteins, fibers, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium. A study conducted by the University of Otago, New Zealand, concluded that the daily consumption of two nuts increases in 65% the rate of selenium in the blood. This mineral has anti-oxidant properties, favoring longevity.

With so many health benefits and with the traditional use of the fruit, Concepta developed the oil and the flour from the Brazil Nut, products in the line Rainforest Specialties for application in the food industry. The flour can be used in blends with other flours for the preparation of cakes, cookies, energy bars and powder supplements, for example. The oil can be used in the seasoning of salads, in blends with vegetable oils in the preparation of sauces, margarines, mayonnaises and other specialties. The products reach the customers with all the added value from health benefits and traditional use in Brazilian cuisine, besides the traceability in the supply chain and the use of sustainable technologies throughout the whole process of natural raw materials supply.

Concepta invests in the development of products that use raw materials from the Brazilian biodiversity

Concepta comprises the Food Ingredients and Animal Nutrition & Health areas, and received investments in the triennium for the development of products that use raw materials from the Amazon region, following the example of the work that was already being done in the beauty segment. Thus, in 2013, the company launched the line Rainforest Specialties, comprising oils, flours and butters sourced from fruits and seeds of the Brazilian biodiversity and developed to provide the national and international market with health and functional ingredients allied to sustainable production.

The unit showed a significant growth of 50% from 2012 to 2013, with a highlight to the candy and cookies segment.

Concepta develops oils, flours and butters source from fruits and seeds of the Brazilian biodiversity, based on a sustainable production chain.