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Sustainability – Sabará Participações

Sustainability in Sabará Group

Tripod of Sustainability

Sabará Group is guided by the concept of sustainability as the harmonious relationship among three elements: economic, social and environmental. Ethics and transparency are around this tripod, preserving the group’s values in each one of the pillars.

  • Appropriate profitability for the entire value chain.
  • Preservation of water and biodiversity through the sustainable use of resources.
  • Human development in a balanced manner, focusing on health, nutrition, beauty and bioenergy.
  • Ethics and transparency to conduct the relationship among the remaining pillars.

Guided by these values, with a pioneering work, the Group settled the bases for the Sociobiodiversity Enhancement Program®, building a sustainable relationship with customers and the communities that supply ingredients from the biodiversity. Created in 2000, the Program ensures sustainability in the provision of raw materials coming from the Brazilian biodiversity to the domestic and international cosmetic markets, while supporting local development and collaborating for the conservation of biomes in the country.

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Commitments [G4-15]


logo-caring-for-climateCaring for Climate
This UN initiative exists since 2007 and helps corporate leaders to share experiences and look for better policies and solutions in the companies, to minimize the impacts on climate change. The objective is for the companies to establish targets, develop and expand strategies for reducing their emissions.


logo-global-compactGlobal Compact
The document was issued in 2006 by the Ethos Institute. The most important topics are: public purchases, funding of election campaigns, deviation of public resources and government marketing, with guidelines and procedures that shall be adopted by the signees.


logo-chlorine-instituteChlorine Institute
Founded in 1924, this is an association of companies and entities involved in the production, distribution and safe utilization of chlorine products, sodium hydroxide, sodium hypochlorite, hydrochloride acid, hydrogen chloride and potassium hydroxide. Due to chlorine characteristics and its broad use, especially for water treatment, the promotion and disclosure of good safety practices and environmental control are the major focuses of the institute.


Socio-Environmental Responsibility [G4-16] [G4-HR5] [G4-HR6]

logo-uebtUEBT – Union for Ethical Biotrade
AThe NGO exists since 2007 and promotes the concept of “supplying with respect” for the ingredients that come from biodiversity. As a member of the organization, Beraca adopts supplying practices that focus on sustainable growth, local development and conservation of the biodiversity.


logo-nrscNRSC – Natural Resources Stewardship Circle
The NRSC is a meeting of leaders from the beauty industry (perfumes and cosmetics) that joined a common compromise to develop and implement responsible corporate practices in all segments – economic, social and environmental – in the supplying chain of raw materials, from their source to the final product.


logo-na-mao-certaNa Mão Certa
This is a program in which the major objective is to end the sexual exploitation of minors in Brazilian highways. It is promoted by the NGO Childhood Brasil, and it works directly with the awareness of truck drivers, communication and continuing education.


logo-biodiversity-in-good-companyBiodiversity in Good Company
Cooperation initiative among companies from different sectors, to protect and promote the sustainable use of the world biodiversity. Those companies are committed to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), a treaty of the United Nations established in the ECO-92.




Responsible Distribution Process. The certification accomplished by the Sabará Group consists in a set of principles that target the enhancement of the processes. Those principles are expected to create good practices in health, safety, quality and environment, practices that may directly or indirectly reach the employees, their families, shareholders, the community, suppliers, public institutions and other actors. All the units of the Group were certified.

ISO 14001 and ISO 9001
The ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 certifications were awarded for the Itapissuma unit in 2015. All the other units shall also submit their certification processes in the future. The ISO standards aim at the maintenance of a correct environmental performance through the compliance with different requirements, besides the incorporation of management systems that steadily improve the environmental performance of the company.